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i think the worst part about this fandom is that like 95% of us just want to give the boys a hug and maybe take a picture with them, but because there’s that crazy 5% that climb up their hotel balconies and follow their cars for hours and flip the boys off when they don’t stop for pictures, almost none of us get to meet them anymore


i was speaking to a customer in Japanese once at work and my coworker overheard me and later in the break room he said to our other coworkers “man Andrew was over there speakin Naruto”

Target Center; Private gig in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 18.7.2013

I think Zayn would like that too, Liam :)


I can hear his laugh through my computer screen

Dylan O’brien + incredibly good performance as Stiles Stilinski.


"hiiii juliet it’s me romeo."


"get the fuck outta here."